Inflatable Buildings

Airquee inflatable buildings are designed, manufactured and supplied to clients all over the world. Our Air Building range comprises of air structures, inflatable tents, inflatable marquees, inflatable buildings, inflatable promotional buildings, air tents, blow up sales booths, inflatable shelters, emergency shelters and much, much more.

Whether you are looking for something that is purely functional, portable and quick to erect, or something to deliver a beautiful, well targeted and special promotional/marketing need, our inflatable buildings will help you to achieve your goal.

The technical and operational experience we have gained over the decades has resulted in us being able to incorporate the best CAD design along with the most appropriate materials and perfect structure to suit each individual or multiple environmental and business needs.

Our emergency shelters are lightweight and simple to transport, often only requiring one person to manoeuvre, erect and operate the building. They range from 3m x 3m (or smaller) to approximately 6m x 6m for one person jobs. We try to keep the weight around 60kgs to keep them manageable. 

Our inflatable buildings, tents and marquees can be far more varied in size. Our smallest is about 6m x 5m while we have supplied adjoining versions to create a combined size of 20m x 100m, with the capacity to create an even larger one.

People often underestimate how resilient, durable and stable inflatable buildings and tents can be. We provide ample tie downs, anchor points and ballast housings to make anchoring straightforward.  Their flexibility means that we can incorporate our inflatable structures to be used in conjunction with every form of ballast system that we know to exist.

The quality of construction using combinations of hot air, hot wedge and high frequency welding, in combination with quadruple stitched seams and hems, means that our inflatable buildings and inflatable tents are every bit as durable and strong as any traditional marquee style structure. And with the material we use being off the chart for hydrostatic head, we are able to product waterproof structures as well.


A Frame
Aqua Run / Pool Inflatables
Single Lane
Dual Lane
Sealed Pool Inflatables
Aqua Slides into Pools
Free Floating Sealed Shapes
Foam Filled Shapes
Water Slides on Land
Water Games & Floating Islands
Aqua Tracks
Build your Own Aqua Run
Bouncy Castles
A Frame Bouncy Castles
Disco Dome Bouncy Castles
Pillar & Beam Bouncy Castles
Low Bouncy Castles
Ball Pond Bouncy Castles
Animal Bouncers
Arched Roof Bouncy Castles
Camelot Bouncy Castles
3D and Themed Bouncy Castles
Seasonal Bouncy Castles
Multiplay Bounce Houses
Enclosed & Themed Bouncers
Large Multiplay Bounce Houses
Low & Open Bouncers
Activity Centres
Play Beds
Slide Combo Bouncy Castles
Soft Play
Circus Themed
Farm Themed
Jungle Themed
Ocean Themed
Pirate Themed
Space Themed
Educational Softplay
Play Areas
Steps, Ramps & Slides
Up to 10ft Platform Slides
Event Slides 10ft to 15ft Platform
Event Slides 15ft Platform and over
Land Based Water Slides
Snappy Slides
Obstacle Assault Courses
1 Part Obstacle Courses
2 Part Obstacle Courses
3 Part Obstacle Courses
Big Obstacle Assault Courses
Boot Camp Obstacle Assault Courses
Sport Inflatables
Interactive Baby & Toddler
Creative Centres
Playzones, Ball Ponds & Soft Play
Small Toddler Bouncers
Duel Challenge & Team Building Games
Inflatable Rodeo
Laser Mazes & Paintball
Sumo Suits
Velcro Walls & Mountain Climbs
Sport Games & Multi Sport Arenas
Bungee Games
Stalls, Carnival Games & Booths
Inflatable Tracks
Water Walkers & Sealed Pools
Air Mountains
Inflatable Buildings
Domed Air Buildings
Twin Skinned Air Buildings
Framed Air Buildings
Stage Covers
Sealed Air Buildings
Inflatable Pubs
Bespoke Custom & Promo
Sky Dancers
Arches & Columns
Inflatable Arches
Inflatable Columns
Commercial Products
Pool Inflatable Accessories
Land Inflatable Accessories
Land & Pool Cleaning Products
Seasonal Inflatables

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