Meet The Team

Airquee now employs over 210 people. That would be a bit of a squeeze so on this page you will find profiles of the staff that you are most likely to come across!

Senior Management

 Adrian Neagu - General Manager Phil Hartell - Operations Director Kerry McIvor - Sales Director 


Viorel Constantin - Production Manager Mariane Nemeti - Production Manager Erika Jozsa - Sales & Production Administrator  

Tilda Toth - Sales & Production Administrator Julia Kerekes - Production Admin Anna Maria Bucsa - Production Admin Edina Gheorghita - Production Admin

Sales and Admin

Ottilia Bencze - Logistics Manager Carole Knight - Sales Executive Adam Smith - UK Logistics

 Wayne Barry - Sales Executive Keiren Palmer - Marketing Support Tim Smith - Production Administrator 

Design and Inspection

Ryan Brown - Designer  Rob Roden - Designer Laci Vinczefi - Designer Krzysztof Starzynski - Warehouse Operative  Jacek Kluba - Warehouse Operative


Senior Management 

Mark John, Company Director.

<a name="Mark">Anchor</a>Mark, with his business partner Phil, created Airquee in 2003.

Mark is always working somewhere - whether at the factory in Romania, working from home, at the Cwmbran office or out and about on the road. Dedicated, motivated and highly committed to Airquee's success, Mark is never found resting on his laurels. A very determined individual, once he has set himself a goal he cannot be deterred by anything!

When not thinking about work (and sometimes still secretly thinking about work) family and dogs. He enjoys cooking and loves walking the dogs or running when there is no dog available.


Adrian Neagu, General Manager of Airquee SRL.

Adrian Neagu - General ManagerAdrian became a part of Airquee in 2007.

Adrian loves the challenges that his work brings him, working closely with Airquee Ltd to continually develop and improve our products. Adrian is a firm believer that high quality employees’ means high quality results and this has led to the growth of a strong successful team in Airquee SRL.

Away from the office Adrian spends a lot of time with his friends and relations.


  Phil Hartell, Operations Director.

Phil Hartell, often referred to as H in the office, joined Airquee in 2009.Phil Hartell

Originally the jack-of-all-trades in the office, H has further developed and honed his marketing skills, tirelessly developing the company website and marketing strategies. His hard work paid off this year when he and Kerry joined Mark and Phil on the Board of Airquee Ltd.

His latest marketing triumph is the NEW Airquee Online website - - the first full online sales website for the UK bouncy castle market.

 Phil H is now based in our Cwmbran head office!

Kerry McIvor, Sales Director.

Kerry McIvor - Sales Director Kerry joined Airquee in 2011, having been in the inflatables industry since 2009.

Speaking to customers at all times of the day and night, whether helping them design their new products or finding solutions to any question, Kerry thrives under pressure and spends her time making all her customers happy! Her dedication to Airquee was recognised earlier this year when she and Phil H joined Mark and Phil on the Board of Airquee Ltd.

When she's not at work Kerry spends her time with her family, as well as Norman the dog - Airquee's unofficial office mascot! She loves to hear from customers! Feel free to email or call the office 01179 414 918 (option 1) or 07990 766129 to speak to the lady herself!


Production Team 

Viorel Constantin, Production Manager. 

Viorel Constantin - Production ManagerViorel joined Airquee in 2007.

Viorel’s role includes programming, supervision of his well-organised team and quality control – and he is a perfectionist so it’s not easy! Even if sometimes the job can be a bit challenging, Viorel believes that everything can be achieved with dedication and persistence.

When he is not at Airquee Viorel is at home - which is very rare as he is ALWAYS at Airquee! Otherwise he likes to relax by riding his bike and listening to music, especially ‘80s hits (favourite band of all time is Queen. The man has taste). He is also a big supporter of the “best Romanian football team”, Steaua Bucuresti.


Mariane Nemeti, Production Manager.

Mariane Nemeti - Production Co-ordinatorMariane started working for Airquee in 2010.

Mariane’s job is exactly as it’s titled - and we make sure to keep her busy! All orders go to Mariane but she specializes in looking after the bespoke designs, checking the colours and materials, and any deviations from a standard design. She works with production and design to oversee all the orders we receive. She works very closely with our European and worldwide distributors, as well as trying to keep everyone happy during our busy periods!

Outside of work, Mariane loves to walk and practices yoga, as well as making her own tea infusions.


Erika Jozsa, Sales and Production Administrator.

Erika Jozsa - Sales & Production AdministratorErika joined Airquee in 2012.

Erika describes herself as a “perpetual-motion machine” so her job suits her perfectly! She spends her time talking to customers, helping to clarify all the little details for their units. She is often asked to test the units so she can also be found with the products, running, jumping and bouncing as high as she can!

When she is not at Airquee Erika can be found with family and friends, or in the right season, snowboarding. Besides her work she loves dancing, listening to music and reading interesting books.

 To speak to the Production team please call 01179 414 918 (option 2). 


Tilda Toth, Sales and Production Administrator.

Tilda Toth - Sales & Production AdministratorTilda joined Airquee in 2013.

Tilda deals with the order administration and unit testing. She checks accessories and sends out the certificates and manuals to customers. Tilda is a really social person and enjoys working with all kinds of different people.

Outside of work Tilda spends time with family and friends, roller-skating or cycling when the weather allows it!

To speak to the Production team please call 01179 414 918 (option 2).


Julia Kerekes, Production Administrator.

Julia Kerekes - Production Admin Julia started working at Airquee in September 2014.

 Julia provides support in all areas of the Production Administration.





Anna Maria Bucsa, Production Administrator.

Anna Maria Bucsa - Production AdminAnna Maria joined Airquee in 2015. 

On a day to day basis Anna Maria works on the certificates for new products, manuals, and additional operating instructions. She also helps with the Production admin as well as dealing with European distributors.

Outside of work Anna Maria love reading, travelling, spending time with her friends.



Edina Gheorghita, Production Administrator.

Edina Gheorghita - Production AdminEdina started working for Airquee in June 2015.

 Edina provides support in all areas of the Production Administration.





Sales and Administration Team

Ottilia Bencze, Logistics Manager.

 Ottilia Bencze - Logistics ManagerOttilia started working for Airquee in 2007.

Ottilia's main duties are managing the logistics and handling all the customs documentation. She ensures that we meet all legal requirements regarding personnel, as well as dealing with various financial and administrative duties.




Carole Knight, Sales Executive.

Carole joined the Airquee team in 2008.Carole Knight - Sales

With many years in the inflatable and soft play industries, Carole is ready to answer any and all questions that come her way! She really enjoys her job, both for the customer contact and the amazing products.

Originally from Scotland (if the accent didn't give it away), Carole married a Bristolian and moved down here in 1997. In the time since she has learnt to appreciate cider. 

Carole is always ready to help our customers so get in touch - email or call the office 01179 414 918 (option 1) or 07789 986192!

Adam Smith, UK Logistics.

Adam Smith - UK LogisticsAdam started working for Airquee in July 2014.

Adam deals with the administration and scheduling of all deliveries coming in and going out of the UK warehouse.

To speak to him about dispatch please call 01179 414 918 (option 4) or email



Wayne Barry, Sales Executive.

Wayne Barry - Sales Executive Wayne joined Airquee in March 2015.

As our newest member of the Sales team, Wayne has been working away getting to know the customers and our products - and he's doing great!

To speak to him about any of our products or prices, give him a call on 01179 414 918 (option 1) or email



Keiren Palmer, Marketing Support.

Keiren Palmer - Marketing Support Keiren joined Airquee in July 2015.

Keiren is Marketing Support for the Airquee team in Cwmbran. He's become the new whizz kid for the website and social media, as well as working with the marketing team! We certainly keep him busy!



Tim Smith, Logistics Administrator.

Tim Smith - Admin Tim joined Airquee in June 2015.

Because we're getting so busy, we found ourselves needing another "Adam" on UK Logistics - so we recruited his brother! He's learning the ropes of everything involved in sorting out all the comings and goings for the UK warehouse.




Design, Inspection and Warehouse Team

Ryan Brown, Designer and Inspector.

Ryan Brown - DesignerRyan has been with Airquee since it's creation in 2003.

As well as being one of the designers in the Bristol office, Ryan is also one of our two qualified RPII inspectors on site. He enjoys creating unique and varied designs for our customers.

Outside of the office, Ryan spends his time with his family. Sadly he is no longer allowed to play video games.


Rob Roden, Designer.

Rob Roden - DesignerRob has been with Airquee since it was created in 2003.

One of the two designers at the Bristol office, Rob spends his time creating graphics, designing visuals for customers and preparing 3D models of the inflatables for the factory to use to make the final product.

When he is not designing things, Rob consumes copious amounts of tea. He is never seen without his beloved hat unless arranged by appointment.


Laci Vinczefi, Designer.

Laci Vinczefi - Designer Laci became part of Airquee in 2008. 

He spends his days designing units.

When he’s not at Airquee he’s probably taking pictures somewhere and spending time with his dog. In his sportier moods, he can be found on a mountain bike or playing basketball.



Krzysztof Starzynski, Warehouse Operative and Inspector.

Krzysztof Starzynski - Warehouse Operative Krzysztof joined Airquee in 2006.

Adept with both a sewing machine and a forklift, Krzysztof is a qualified RPII inspector and warehouse operative. At his last qualification renewal exam, when it came to the weight test he picked up one 25kg weight in each hand and walked across the hall with them, which impressed the examiners!

Away from work Krzysztof can be found spending time with his family, playing with his children's toys or playing Call of Duty. Ryan gets jealous.


Jacek Kluba, Warehouse Operative.

Jacek Kluba - Warehouse OperativeJacek started with Airquee in April 2015. 

 Working with Krzysztof in the warehouse, Jacek is responsible for all the picking and palletising of the inflatables and orders going out. He also helps with the inspections, setting up inflatables and rolling them away. Soon he'll begin training to learn the repairs side of things - twice the repairs power!




 And here is a group photo of some of the staff from the factory!

 Airquee Factory Team


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Free Floating Sealed Shapes
Foam Filled Shapes
Water Slides on Land
Water Games & Floating Islands
Aqua Tracks
Build your Own Aqua Run
Bouncy Castles
A Frame Bouncy Castles
Disco Dome Bouncy Castles
Pillar & Beam Bouncy Castles
Low Bouncy Castles
Ball Pond Bouncy Castles
Animal Bouncers
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Educational Softplay
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Land Based Water Slides
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Big Obstacle Assault Courses
Boot Camp Obstacle Assault Courses
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Playzones, Ball Ponds & Soft Play
Small Toddler Bouncers
Duel Challenge & Team Building Games
Inflatable Rodeo
Laser Mazes & Paintball
Sumo Suits
Velcro Walls & Mountain Climbs
Sport Games & Multi Sport Arenas
Bungee Games
Stalls, Carnival Games & Booths
Inflatable Tracks
Water Walkers & Sealed Pools
Air Mountains
Inflatable Buildings
Domed Air Buildings
Twin Skinned Air Buildings
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Stage Covers
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