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Airquee’s experience in inflatable promotional items and advertising objects is vast. From the smallest point of sales inflatables to the largest of inflatable product replicas, Airquee has manufactured something for so many different applications. Airquee designs and manufactures everything in-house which means we can easily make custom made and bespoke products with ease. Our clients use us because of the detailed and specific knowledge we have.

Not all designs and material are suitable for all applications and many factors such as size, weight, location, message and purpose all determine the design and product parameters. Some examples are type of material employed, weight of material, whether the product needs to be air tight, or blown by constant cold air, whether or not lights are installed, etc, etc, etc. If you have a product in mind, please contact us and we are bound to be able to help.

Inflatable Pig AQ4756

Meditation Bouncer AQ5275

Barbie Tower AQ2938

Tennis Slide AQ4796

V6 Air Building AQ4728

R Letter AQ5409

Sealed Buoy AQ4835

3D Marshmallow AQ5367

8m Curved Arch AQ4823

10m Balloon AQ3191

Cash Machine AQ2864

5m Inflatable Cube  AQ4978

Inflatable Igloo AQ4840

Nescafe Mug AQ4647

Sealed Mattress AQ5053

Inflatable Cloud AQ3069

Heineken Inflatables

Trunki AQ2324

McDonalds Bouncer AQ2640



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